The Mobros Join The Restoration's West


The Mobros, Charleston, SC soul rockers Kelly and Patrick Morris, join the cast of harmony singers representing characters on our new album, West.


Kelly Morris is voicing harmonies for David, a character based on my dad. David's songs convey peril but with a wry humor, which few singers could handle like Kelly. Kelly's real-life brother Patrick will provide additional harmonies to represent David's unnamed brother, mentioned as an abstract but important presence in the lyrics. A fun detail: both sets of brothers hail from Camden, SC.

- Daniel


If we weren't already excited enough about The Mobros joining West, they just released their best track yet, "Carrie Anne," which we can't stop listening to:

About The Mobros

The Mobros have played venues and music halls small to large from coast to coast, and festivals such as SXSW, Midpoint Music Festival and Sweetwater 420 Fest. They averaged over 250 shows a year all in support of their 2014 debut release Walking With A Different Stride including a live session with Daytrotter.

Between being on the road and living in Chicago it was hard to find a permanent place to work and move forward with their music. They found themselves in the city Charleston, SC, two hours south of their hometown of Camden.

In 2018 they emerge with a collection of songs that embody the writing and production style developed during their time spent at Kelly's tape-centric home studio dubbed “Leon’s Electric House.” These works follow suit with the question: “Who are we, and Where do we go from here?” “Carrie Anne,” the first single off the new project premiered on