Alexa Woodward Joins The Restoration's West


Alexa Woodward, Vermont-based folk singer/songwriter, joins the cast of harmony singers representing characters on our new album, West.


Alexa Woodward is voicing harmonies for Ruby, a character based on my late grandmother. Alexa's songwriting catalog is filled with rich characters, rendered vividly and compassionately through a voice that brings listening rooms to tears.

- Daniel


This isn't the first time Alexa and The Restoration have collaborated. In 2014 Alexa recruited Daniel to sing harmonies on three songs from her excellent album, Might Nigh. You can here them on "Die Happy:"

About Alexa Woodward

Alexa Woodward’s haunting banjo songs are rooted Appalachia and were refined in the music scenes of Boston and New York, where she began performing. With a distinctive banjo playing style and lyrics that carry the listener into vibrant narratives, Woodward has been well received by audiences across the US, Canada and Europe since she began touring in 2009,

Her music has been placed in the Twilight Series films, internationally on National Geographic's program, "Departures", and has been used on national Television in the US on Fox's "So You Think You Can Dance."

Likened to Judy Garland, Neko Case, Patsy Cline, and Sufjan Stevens, Woodward communicates a range of emotions through her voice and lyrics, and her songs hold a mountain tradition in tension with the urban and international experiences of young wanderlust.